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ETC® Lists of Species

Lists of Species

These lists have to be used in all bird, mammal and game head categories in Professional and Master Division. In order to know in which subcategories (e.g. large birds B3, medium birds B2 or small birds B1) your mounts must be entered, you have to use these lists.
Please note: If you preregister a species not to be found on the lists, put a remark “not on list” on the registration form. The final decision in which category your mount has to be entered, will be made on location by the competition chairman.
(According to the Rules & Regulations under ETC® Species Lists, page 5)

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» Bird_list_english_alphabetical
» Bird_list_sientific_alphabetical
» Mammals_list_english_alphabetical
» Mammals_list_sientific_alphabetical
» Game_heads_list_english_alphabetical
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