About Sponsorships and Donations

We kindly ask for donations from private persons, organisations, institutions, companies, museums and others to be able to organise the forthcoming European Taxidermy Championships® (ETC®)

The European Taxidermy Championships® (ETC®) has been in existence for over 25 years now, with continuous growing popularity. In 2018 we achieved a record of 250 participating taxidermists with 408 single mount entries and we have reason to believe that a new record will be achieved in 2023. ETC® is an organisation with the aim to help and support the whole European taxidermy community.

The European taxidermists are a major contributor to preserving the wildlife of the world for ourselves, our children and grandchildren and many generations to come. Many species of wildlife are endangered and some are already extinct. Europe’s taxidermists are professional people with a great passion to preserve mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects and other species of wildlife. We strive to preserve and display wildlife in a natural way and in a natural habitat. The work is displayed in many places, like institutes, universities, public museums and private museums.

We continuously encourage our taxidermist colleagues throughout Europe to develop new technologies, new ideas, creativity and quality. Every third year we invite taxidermists from all over the world to participate in the European Taxidermy Championships®(ETC®) where they can meet with their colleagues, compete and enjoy state of the art taxidermy work. The main reason for having competitions is the possibility for the participants to be able to position themselves as well as learn, benefiting from the offers such as seminars and getting in touch with experienced experts.

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