Meet the Team

Johan Hassing

Carsten Skakkebaek

Stephen Guild

Willem van Ommen

Sharon Guild

Loes Verstraete

Daniel Salzer

Advisory Board

Jack Fishwick

Owner of Tringa Taxidermy. Jack started work as a taxidermist in September 1972 at Leicester Museum and has since worked for many museums and private collectors around the world. He has risen to become the most awarded taxidermist in the UK and is currently building an exhibition about parrots that will hopefully tour around museums when completed. Jack has judged and given seminars at nine World Taxidermy Championships and all of the European Taxidermy Championships since 2001 as well as Russian Taxidermy Championships, Scandinavian Taxidermy Championships and many individual National competitions around Europe.

Bo Wessmann

Bo has done casting, sculpting and carving of fish for more than 20 years. Bo won his first international title, ‘Best in World Reproduction’ at the 2012 World Taxidermy Championships, WTC® in Salzburg 2012. Thereafter, he twice won the ‘Best in Europe’ title at the European Taxidermy Championships ETC®. That was in Langarone, Italy 2014 and in Oulu, Finland 2015. Bo is educated as a biologist, specialising in ecology and aquatic environments.

Bob “Hutch” Hutchinson

Owner of Hutch’s Taxidermy Den, LLC and has been doing taxidermy since 1980. He earned multiple awards at State and World Taxidermy Championship levels and has earned a Masters Certificate in habitat in 2019. He proudly served a three year term as President of the Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association. Hutch is passionate about taxidermy and how habitat influences and contributes to the overall appearance of the mount. He has judged at both State and National levels and was the first habitat judge for the World Taxidermy Championship show in 2019.

Stefan Weigl

After studying zoology and graduating with a Master’s degree Stephan started as an employee at the Upper Austrian State Museum. He has worked there since 1990, as curator for biological exhibitions, since 2013 as head of the Vertebrate Collection and from 2018 as head of the Natural Science Collections. He is a passionate ornithologist and birdwatcher. He learned taxidermy through self-study from the age of 16. Since 2004 Stephan has judged at the European, Italian and Hungarian Championships. He earned various prizes at national and international taxidermy competitions.

John Wesley Kevenaar

John Wesley Kevenaar (Wesley) started practicing taxidermy when he was 11 years old and it was a hobby for many years. In 2012 he started creating taxidermy professionally and has worked in Norway and the United States as a taxidermist. In 2019 he started working at Bouten Taxidermy Studio and in 2023 he took over the company. Wesley specializes in mammals, especially pets. He won the title ‘Best in Europe – Mammals’ in 2021 with an English Bulldog.

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