Prices to participate in the ETC® 2023

All prices include 21%VAT

NB: If you have a valid EU VAT number the 21% VAT will be deducted from the invoice.

Administration Fee €35 applies to all purchases

Show Passes
Show Pass with seminars €180
Show Pass without seminars €90
Family Show Pass without seminars €50
You need a Show Pass to be able to buy from the Taxidermy Supplier Stands

Competition Costs
1st Competition Entry €90
2nd Competition Entry €80
3rd Competition Entry €70
4th Competition Entry €50
5th – 8th Competition Entry €40 (maximum 8 entries allowed)
Habitat Competition Entry €50 (maximum 8 entries allowed)
Late registration fee (after 27 December 2022) €100

Additional Tickets
Award Banquet Dinner & Party ticket €69
Get Together Party (incl. 1 drink) Free

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