We welcome all donators that would like to support the European taxidermy community.

There is no minimum donation amount required. Any amount, small or large, is highly appreciated.

The donation will be split 50/50:

You can donate in 2 ways:

If you need an invoice for your donation, please send us an email to: and inform us about what amount you would like to donate. We will send you an invoice so that you can get a tax refund for your donation (depending on your country’s tax laws).

If you don’t need an invoice you can donate directly here:

All donators have the option to be listed on our website as donators with the donator’s name and logo. If the donation is a minimum of 500 EURO, the donator is entitled to have a donator banner advert (468 width x 60 height pixels) on the ETC® website.

Thank you very much for considering making a donation.

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