The history of the ETC® Score Sheets


The official ETC® score sheets are the result of many years of development. The first step was made in the year 2001, when the German taxidermy association VDP organized a taxidermy competition in context with the 40th international VDP-Congress in Manderscheid (D). As the competition organizing team was not very satisfied with the different types of usual score sheets, Uwe Hildebrand and Berend Koch took the challenge to design a new score sheet series in cooperation with acknowledged experts out of all fields of taxidermy. For the first time ever it was possible to create also a score sheet for the category “Reconstruction / Scientific Models” with the help of Werner Kraus (D). Matthias Fahrni (CH, Fish), Ernst Paulduro (D, Reptiles, Amphibians and Reproductions), Heiner Luttmann (D, Skeletons) and many others gave their experience and the progress is moving on. The first use in the ETC® was in Dortmund 2004. In the meantime, these score sheets became the official ETC® score sheets. After every ETC® competition, the score sheets will be improved, if necessary.