Winners List (all awards and special awards)

Novice Division (Best of Division Places)

Professional Division (Best of Category Places)

There must be at least 90 out of 100 points achieved, so it can happen that in some categories not all or even no places were given out.

Collective Artists Division

Masters Division (Best of Europe Titles)

There must be at least 90 out of 100 points achieved, so it can happen that in some categories not all or even no places were given out.

Division of Excellence

Winners ETC® Live Contest

Birds Professional

  • First Place – Mohammad Islam (Germany)
  • Second Place – Peter Sunesen (Denmark)

Mammals Novice

  • First Place – Daphne Plugers (Netherlands)

Mammals Professional

  • First Place – Ralph Hürkamp (Germany)
  • Second Place – Mohammad Islam (Germany)

Winners Special Awards

Best Novice Mammal Award

Sponored by: Hunter & Co. Lorenz Frei – Hilti Germany
For the highest scoring Mammal in novice division

Under the age of 24 years Award

Sponored by: A friendly group of Hungarian Taxidermists
For the best competitor under the age of 24 Years

Collective Artists – Award

Sponsored by:“Book your Hunt”
For the most impressive and well designed piece in this division chosen by two judges appointed by the sponsor


Sponsored by: The ETC Organisation
For the most educational entry

European Fish Taxidermy Award

Sponored by: Helen & Matthias Fahrni Switzerland
For the entry showing outstanding quality or innovative techniques

Hassing Taxidermy Award

Sponored by: Hassing Taxidermy, Netherlands
For the most convincing piece of art

Hungexpo Award

Sponsored by: Hungexpo Hungary
For all winners of a best in Europe Title

Karl Lange Award

Sponserd by: KL Glasaugen David Lange, Germany
Chosen from all category winners in professional division by vote of all judges

Like Nature Taxidermy supply Award

Sponsored by: Like Nature Premium Taxidermy supply
Awarded to the taxidermist with the highest scoring entries from at least three different categories

Mark Taxidermy Award

Sponsored by: Mark Buhagiar, Malta
For the most accurate and true to life bird mount in the novice division

Most expressive Pose Award

Sponsored by: the Finnish Taxidermy Association
Chosen by the Sponsor among all entries

Mount Medix Award

Sponsored by: Mount Medix LLC, George Ferko, USA
For the most impressive entry with more than two individuals interacting of which at least one must be a mammal

Maurice Bouten Award

Sponsored by: Bouten & Zoon, Maurice Bouten, Netherlands
For the three highest scoring entries in the novice division

Schwarz Taxidermy Award

Sponsored by: Schwarz Taxidermy, Ingrid Schwarz, Austria
For the taxidermist with the highest total score for at least 4 entries in at least three different categories

Spitting Image Bird Award

Sponsored by: Peter Sunesen, Denmark
For the bird mount that most convincingly exhibits all the anatomical elements displayed in a photo of a live bird