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A big thank you to all our sponsors, partners and donators!


Since the European taxidermy federation no longer exists (…please read under About/History), the ETC® has become an independent organization which has to stand on its own feet and survive as a company in the free market.The achieved standards, the professionalism, the growing dimension as well as the importance and our goal to still improve the show from event to event, could not be possible without any financial support.

Therefore the ETC® is looking for sponsors, partners and donators…

Let’s create the future and the success of this important event together!

What we can offer you are very attractive deals for moderate prizes e.g. banner advertising on this homepage, which attracts more than 7500 visitors monthly with a raising tendency! Of course also individual agreements are possible, be it from a single donation up to a project for a professional presence at the show. Remember, we collaborate with Europe’s biggest nature, outdoor, hunting and fishing fairs with numbers of visitors from 40’000 up to more than 70’000 (!) and we are able to present a new and previously untapped field to be compared with sports or other cultural events.

Any help and financial support, be it bigger or smaller is much appreciated and welcome! … and remember it is for the good and the future of the whole European taxidermy community.

Interested? Contact our Head of Marketing & Sponsorships, Carsten Skakkebaek: carsten@eurotaxidermy.eu or the Chairman, Matthias Fahrni: matthias@eurotaxidermy.eu

Please find our sponsors, partners and donators in the systemic subchapters and visit them by clicking on the banners!

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