About Ribbons and Places

In the past, there was a lot of confusion about the correct interpretation of the different colours and sizes of the Ribbons. The Audience, the media and the taxidermy community were often unable to understand the ribbon system. After every European Taxidermy Championships®, we noticed that there were too many ‘Champions’. Small or medium-sized blue ribbon winners were presented as the European Champions by the media’s opinion or by themselves. Good for them but not for the integrity of the European Taxidermy Championships®. So it’s obvious that some explanations about the system must be published.

These are placed in all Divisions and Categories. The colours represent the competitors’ standard of performance and quality of work in consideration of the entered Division / Category and they do not indicate any places or ranks.

  • Blue = 90 – 100 of 100 Points (very good, up to perfect quality standard)
  • Red = 80 – 89 of 100 Points (good quality standard, needs some improvement to be very good)
  • Yellow = 70 – 79 of 100 Points (satisfactory quality standard but needs improvement to reach the next level)
  • No Ribbon = the competitor’s work does not correspond to the requested quality standard and needs at least basic improvement.

MEDIUM SIZED RIBBONS (placed in addition to the small ones)
Imprinted with the name of the award, are used in the Novice, Professional and Collective Artists Division. No eligibility for any European titles.

  • Blue = Best of Novice Division, Best of Professional Category, Best of Collective Artists Division.
  • Red = Second of Novice Division, Second of Professional Category, Second of Collective Artists Division.
  • Yellow = Third of Novice Division, Third of Professional Category, Third of Collective Artists Division.

LARGE/EXTRA LARGE SIZED RIBBONS (placed in addition to the small ones), imprinted with the name of the award, are used in the Master Division / Division of Excellence.

  • Blue = Best of Europe (European Champion) / First Place Award of Excellence
  • Red = Second Best of Europe / Second Place Award of Excellence
  • Yellow = Third Best of Europe / Third Place Award of Excellence

Ribbons in other different colours are given for Special Awards and are independent of the ETC® Rules & Regulations.

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