The new ETC® Team

Dear friends and colleagues,

By the middle of this year, our long-time Competition Chairman, Berend Koch has stepped down.
Berend fulfilled this most responsible job perfectly over many years! His painstaking and most reliable work and character has found a big recognition and respect in our taxidermy circle. He sacrificed a lot of his free time for the good of the ETC® and this always almost on a voluntarily base! With his know-ledge and experience he was one of the leading figures in the younger past and the gap he is going to leave, will not be so easy to fill. Fortunately, Berend, but more in the background, will still be in charge for the developing of our score sheets. Let us thank him from the bottom of our hearts for all he has done for us! It is much more than most of you guys can imagine….!

Together with him, also his son Jan Koch quit his duty as a young and skilled IT- Specialist. Also to Jan goes a big thanks, for all the hours and helpful services he has put into the ETC®.

Within the same letter I’m very happy and thankful to be able to present you a bunch of new people, who will be in charge to lead the ETC® into a hopefully successful and even more professional future than we are already now:

Our new Competition Chairman, Christoph Meier

That’s what Christoph says:

“My name is Christoph Meier – I am a 65 year old Swiss museum taxidermist – retired now. For many years I was interested in … and busy with the European taxidermy community. I am sure, that the European taxidermy competitions are a perfect forum to bring taxidermy ahead … and a good possibility to connect taxidermist from all over Europe – also from all over the world in a network; „We always can learn from each other!“
I will support the new ETC team as a competition chairman – a job I know from earlier European Taxidermy Competitions.
So, I look forward to a new ETC edition – to meet a lot of well known – but new colleagues as well!”

Our new Head of Marketing & Sponsorships, Carsten Skakkebaek

That’s what Carsten says:

“I’m honored to have been asked to join and to help to develop the European Taxidermy Championships, ETC®

My motivation to join the management team in the ETC® is many. I love taxidermy and I’m an entrepreneur. Nature and wildlife have always been my big interest. I like to contribute to bringing taxidermy in general into a better light. If more people discover the fantastic art of taxidermy, we can together bring the European taxidermy industry into a new era.

Taxidermists are blessed with creative minds and are truly artists. I have a deep respect for this. But I also know that it takes more than this to run a successful business, organization or event. ETC® has grown to a very big and professional event, where dedication and voluntary labor from the European taxidermy community is still needed, but no longer enough to ensure the future of a successful ETC®. My responsibilities will primarily be to promote ETC® internal in the taxidermy community and promote the art of taxidermy towards organizations, companies and individuals outside our community. Furthermore, I will work to generate sponsors and funding to help to drive and develop the ETC® into the future. Not only sponsorships for the ETC® as an organizer, but also individual sponsorships and funding for the participating taxidermists to encourage and make it financially possible for many colleges to join the ETC® event.

ETC® is very important for all taxidermists in Europe. It’s a place to learn, share know-how, discover new technology, establish friendships across country borders and to compete on a high level in a friendly and collegial way. I´m a big fan of sharing knowledge as mutual knowledge makes everybody better and clever. A good example of my intentions is the establishment of “FTC Taxidermy Seminars” (recently announced on social media) where everyone can participate and learn at a sponsored low price. I truly believe that sharing and learning from each other will make a better world for all. I look forward to start my work for ETC® and the European taxidermy community”.

Our new Head of Finances, Johan Hassing

That’s what Johan says:

“First of all I want to thank Matthias and Helen Fahrni for the opportunity to participate in the organization of the European Taxidermy Championships.
My name is Johan Hassing and I’m from the Netherlands. I’ve been fascinated by nature and its beauty since I was young. Taxidermy has always been one of my interests and I’ve been collecting mounted animals ever since. In the course of my professional career I’ve done various things in the flowers and pot plants industry, of which I’m running my own company for the last twenty years.

About four years ago I’ve started mounting animals as a hobby and discovered just how challenging it is. I’m convinced that nobody ever stops learning and I look forward to discovering all the aspects of the art called Taxidermy.

As a member of the ETC team I will contribute to the organization of future exhibitions. My responsibilities will primarily be focused on finance. Together we will try to organize a fantastic event where taxidermists and taxidermy lovers will meet, learn and overall have a great time.”

Our new Administrator, Steve Toher

That’s what Steve says:

“Hello, my name is Steve Toher. I am administrator for the ETC, and as such will be the member of the team responsible for the registration of specimens that will be competing in the Championships.
I am a professional taxidermist based in the UK with 40 years’ experience, working mainly for museums.
I look forward to seeing many applications from taxidermists in many countries wishing to compete in this great competition.”

Pictures of the new members, as well as from the whole ETC® team can be seen by visiting:

Let me give a lot of thanks to all these new and precious people, as well as to Helen Fahrni and Netta Lempiäinen, for their willingness and commitment to invest time, effort and know-how for a brilliant future of the ETC® and for the good of the whole taxidermy community.
I’m very aware about the fact that all this is everything else than self-evident, and I hope, dear friends and colleagues, you will appreciate it accordingly!

All best to all of you!

Matthias Fahrni, ETC® Chairman

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