Like Nature Premium Taxidermy Supply offers the opportunity to take your competition pieces to Salzburg

Dear taxidermists,

Do you live in the Denmark, Sweden or Norway?  Do you want to compete at the ’13th European Taxidermy Championships®’ 2023? But you’re not able to come all the way to Salzburg? No problem!

For all the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian competitors,  Like Nature Taxidermy Supply offers the opportunity to take your competition pieces to Salzburg. Taxidermists are offered the chance to deliver the pieces to Like Nature, Randersvej 397 (GPS address Langagervej 2), 8380 Trige in Denmark from 1st – 3rd February. We only have limited space in our truck, so transport-bookings are received on ‘first-come-first-served-basis’ Do you have any questions about it? Feel free to contact us!

Terms & conditions:

  • The pieces need to be dried and finished completely.
  • All pieces need to be provided with a fitting transport case.
  • The pieces must be delivered to our address 1st – 3rd February
  • Like Nature is not liable for damage.
  • For the service, a small fee to be paid of €50 per piece up to 0,25 m3 volume, 75 EURO per piece up 0,26 – 0,5 m3 volume and 100 EURO per piece 0,51 – 1 m3 volume. For bigger pieces please contact us for price.
  • For the delivery of the taxidermy mount, an appointment can be made by email using the contact details below.
  • After the ETC® competition the mounts must be picked-up by the competitor no later than 1st March at Like Nature’s address.

If there is similar initiates from other countries, feel free to contact us at e-mail and we will organise an official announcement to the taxidermy community through ETC® Newsletter, ETC® Facebook and ETC® Instagram.

Like Nature Taxidermy Supply

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