To all taxidermists and interested persons worldwide

We are very happy and proud to be able to announce that the “12th Open European Taxidermy Championships® 2021” will be held in partnership with and during the world exhibition “One with Nature” in Budapest, Hungary from 20th – 27th September 2021.

Never in the history of taxidermy competitions worldwide a show got the chance to be organized in the frame of a world exhibition, so this will indeed be a tremendous new milestone!

Imagine, the organizers of the fair are counting with up to 1 million (!) visitors! This is a once in a lifetime chance to be part of such an amazing event!

It’s important for us to publish this mega event as early as possible to give all of you enough lead time for preparing yourself. So, please start soon with your projects to make your big dream become true!

To make this upcoming show unique and also the biggest and best ever, we need your help! If you would like to contribute as a sponsor or a prize donator please get in touch. You will find all contact details on our ETC® homepage:

Of course we are already now looking forward to meet you there personally in a thrilling atmosphere like never before!

To get more info about the “One with Nature” world exhibition, please watch the video under the following link: or visit:

Stay tuned and please frequently visit our homepage and / or our Facebook and Instagram profiles for not to miss any info and details, which will be added timely.

All best to everybody!

On behalf of the ETC® organisation

Matthias Fahrni
ETC® Chairman

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