The Facebook European Taxidermists Award

For only 1 Euro you are on board of this new and prestigious Award!

Donate 1 EUR (or more) and you´ll get the voting card to choose your favorite.
(Idea and concept by Martin Berndt, Germany)

All Facebook users who gave a donation and who will join the ETC® 2018 in Salzburg will get a voting card at the registration desk on place. You are then invited to follow your individual feelings, impressions and opinions to choose your favorite by looking at anything you want, the mount itself, its look, the composition, base or whatever. It´s NOT about the highest quality by following the score-sheets.  You can choose from Novice, Professional, Collective Artists, Masters and Excellence.
These rules are meaning that every competitor has the chance to win this new Award. No need to say that self-voting is not allowed, and even senseless. If two or more mounts get same amount of votes then the winner will be drawn.
The winner will get a special ribbon, plaque and of course the donated money which has been collected by Martin Berndt.
Donations via paypal:
For donation via bank transfer please get in touch with Martin Berndt:

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