The ‘ETC® Taxidermy Art Auction’

By Stephen 1 year ago

The ‘ETC® Taxidermy Art Auction’

The online auction platform for ETC® certified taxidermy mounts 

ETC® have done a small survey to check the European taxidermists’ interest in an online auction platform where they can sell their competition mounts to the public

There are several auction platforms on the market where the public can buy taxidermy mounts, but none have ‘quality-filtered’ the items for sale.

The idea behind the auction.
The idea behind the ETC® online auction platform is that taxidermy mounts done in certified high-quality, become an art. Art is something that the public is willing to buy/invest in, and sometimes the buyer is willing to pay a high price for a piece of art.

It looks like there is a high interest in such a professional window, to present high quality taxidermy art among European taxidermists.

The concept is that only taxidermy mounts that have been judged at the ETC® are qualified for sale at the ETC® Taxidermy Art Auction. The taxidermists selling the mount gets 100% of the selling price from the buyer. On top of the selling price, the buyer pays ETC® a 15% auction fee for the running costs of the online auction.

The advantages for the art buyer.
The advantage for the buyer is full transparency regarding the originality and the quality of the taxidermy art as ETC® judges have officially judged the piece. So, the buyer can check out which ETC® division (Novice, Professional, Master, Excellence) the piece has been judged in, the points given (Blue/Red/Yellow ribbon), and the eventual ‘Place’ and ‘Special Award’ obtained.

The advantages for the art seller.
The advantage for the seller (the taxidermy artist) is that his/her work can be displayed professionally to a large audience, without any cost except a little time to upload and register the item at the online auction platform. The seller can set a minimum price for the item, as nobody wants to sell great work at a low price.

Register your ETC® 2023 competition mount and get your voice heard.
When you have registered your competition piece, we will prepare a document that you will receive when you come for submission of your entry on 13th February 2023. With the response from this document, we will enlarge the survey about the interest for the ETC® Taxidermy Art Auction. If the interest is large enough, ETC® will invest in the software and implementation of an online auction platform with a launch of approximately 1st May 2023.

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