NEWS UPDATE – The 13th European Taxidermy Championships ETC®, Salzburg 2023

As time flies and as February gets closer, we have decided to reveal some vital information about the upcoming ETC® 2023 before the ‘ETC® Magazine’ with all the detailed information can be published (expected in November).

Time Table
As the hotels in Salzburg are starting to be full, we have publish the Time Table, so the taxidermists can begin to plan in detail. Check the complete Time Table at the ETC® website:

The most important dates are:

  • 13th February: Submission of entries from 8:00h
  • 14th February: Get Together Party 18:00h
  • 15th February: The Trade Supplier Show opens 17:00h (competitors only)
  • 16th February: Judging ends
  • 17th February: Scoresheets are ready / Judges critique
  • 18th February: Award Banquet Ceremony/Dinner/Party 19:00h
  • 19th February: Pick-up of entries in the afternoon

Changes in Rules & Regulations

The Advisory Board and the Management Team have decided to update the ETC® Rules & Regulations – and there a lot of exciting news for the taxidermy community:

  1. Each entry will be judged by two (2) judges (team).

  2. The ‘Master Division, ‘Professional Division’ and ‘Novice Division’ will be judged from the same set of criteria and judged equally, which means that the points given by the judging team are comparable through the different Divisions. The impact of these changes in rules will probably be that there will be fewer Blue Ribbons and fewer Red Ribbons in the Novice Division and the Professional Division.

  3. Entries that have provided photographic documentation of the working process and are deemed as exceptional work can be promoted to a higher Division than the original entered at the judges’ discretion.

  4. There is added new categories in the Novice Division. Now there are 18 categories (before 9 categories). The impact of this is that the taxidermists that enter the Novice Division have more chances to win titles and the attractive big’ Place ribbons’: Best, Second, Third of Category

  5. There are no minimum points required to win the title Best / Second / Third Category of Novice Division (before was 90 points).

  6. To reach the title “Best / Second / Third of Professional Category”, 80 points are needed (before was 90 points).

  7. We have added two new categories where the participants can win the attractive “Best in Europe” title:
    1. Habitat – see detailed rules: Click here
    2. Roedeer Head – see detailed rules: Click here

  8. The early registration time will end 7 weeks before the submission date (was 6 weeks), and the late registration time will end 14 days before the entry submission day at the ETC® venue (was 10 days). Registrations later than 14 days before the date of submission will not be accepted, nor late applications on the place on the local check-in day.

See more details at the ETC® website under Rules:

Stay tuned – check the ETC website now and then for news..

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