IMPORTANT UPDATE for “The 12th European Taxidermy Championships”

The entire ETC® Team are working hard with all the planning and details for the next ETC®. Despite the COVID 19 situation everything looks good.

We are getting a lot of questions from the taxidermists planning to attend. We are happy that so many are interested and are planning to participate. Here are some updates that will cover most the inquiries and we will continuously post more news the next months to come. Check the website now and then for more updates…

Competition Brochure

We will be ready with the Competition Brochure latest by end of March 2021 and this brochure will be uploaded at the website. There you will find detailed information about how/where to ship the entries to the competition, amazing seminar program and instructors, list of judges, taxidermy supply exhibitors, Get Together Party, Award Dinner, list of possible facilities, situation maps, show program, info and offer about leaving the mounts in the exhibition for the whole duration of the world exhibition “One with Nature”, how to handle protected species etc.

On-line registration

We are busy building a brand new on-line registration system and here you will be able to register your entries no later than beginning of May 2021

Rules for protected species for the competition

We work hard to make the complicated as simple and understandable as possible. We have some pre-liminary information available within a few days. Stay tuned and check our website from time to time…

Yours truly,



Carsten Skakkebaek
Head of Marketing & Sponsorships

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