Under this heading „MEMBERSHIP“, you will find the contact-addresses — as well as the direct links to the ETF Member countries. You are also provided with a short information about the possibility to become an ETF-Member.

The ETF is first and foremost a roof-organization of the European Taxidermy-Associations of the different European countries. Therefore the links to the member-homepages and contacts are the very important path to get any information about the taxidermy-associations and their activities in the various member-countries.

The ETF-homepage enables the members to give short advertisings on their activities and meetings (see menu “NEWS”).

Welcome to the 10th Open European Taxidermy Championships 2015 in Oulu, Finland

Competition Brochure and Registration Form downloadable now!

ETC® 2015 ➤ Protected Species: Attention Competitors!

Please keep all needed documentations and permits with your entries. Otherwise the entries will not be allowed to compete and …

ETC® 2015 ➤ Attention: Important Changing of Program

Cancellation of SCI-Measurment Courses

First Newsletter from the new President

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