Cordial Welcome

The European Taxidermy Federation (ETF) no longer exists. It has been dissolved on April 8, 2016 by the decision of the General Meeting in Berlin, Germany.

This homepage is now in the property of the ETC® organization. Due to alterations in the coming month, we kindly ask you for your understanding in case of any inconvenience or availability.

The ETC® Team, April 2016

The 11th Open European Taxidermy Championships®

will take place February 2018 in Salzburg, Austria in partnership with the fair “Die Hohe Jagd und Fischerei®”.

Score sheets available!

We strongly recommend all of you to make use of this offer! It's a great tool when preparing yourself for …

The last ETF General Meeting 2016

was held April 8, 2016 in Berlin, Germany