Welcome to the Competitions

In Europe Taxidermy Competitions have a great tradition. The ETC® (European Taxidermy Championships) can look back to an over 20 years of existence.
The first ETC® happened in 1992 in Leiden, Holland. Apart from this, competitions also take place on the level of national associations.

The main reason for having competitions surely is the possibility for the participants to be able to position themselves as well as learning, benefiting of the offers such as seminars and getting in touch with experienced experts.
The exhibitions offer a vast source for inspiration for the own work and the trade show provides you with all information on latest products and services.
Of course the social component should not be underestimated. It is a lot of fun to meet taxidermists of the whole world, to talk shop and exchange experiences. Already the change of scenery and an amusing evening with colleagues can make a difference...

We cordially invite you to experience this special and thrilling atmosphere, preferably competing your self!

Final Call for GM 2014

Please find the necessary documents for the ETF GM of Sunday April 27th 2014 in Longarone/Italy in the Login for members

ETC® 2014 Longarone

The brochure and the registration form are now available and ready to be downloaded.

New ETC® Rules & Regulations

Please take the time to read and study the new regulations! They will be the base and in force at the coming ETC® in Longarone 2014.

ETC® 2015

ETC® 2015 The ETC® 2015 will take place in Oulu, Finland.
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